Our herbal blends are packed with detoxifying herbs and antioxidant-rich ingredients that are specially selected for their health-giving properties

  • Sleep Aid Tea

    Sleep Aid tea contains; Chamomile, Lavender, Passion flower, Ginkgo and Lemon balm. Each individiual herb has been selected due to its healing properties

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  • Thyroid Support Aid

    Thyroid Support aid contains Bladderwrack and Ashwagandha, two important herbs for aiding the thyroid. Read more below...

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  • Iron Deficiency Aid

    Iron Deficiency is a condition that plagues a high percentage of women. Iron Deficiency aid contains 4 powerful specially picked herbs with the relevant healing properties.

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  • Lung Cleanse Tea

    Lung Clenase contains a blend of 5 powerful herbs with the aim or expelling excess mucus, relaxing the bronchioles and reducing inflammation.

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  • Immune Support

    The Immune system is the body's tool to protect itself for foreign invaders but how can you protect your immune system?


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  • Digestive Aid

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  • Gut Health Aid

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  • Women's Herb

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  • Weight Loss Aid

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