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What is Hibiscus ?

Hibiscus, Indigenous to  Africa especially Nigeria and Sudan, is a plant with colourful flowers and has been used for centuries for decorative and medicinal purposes. People have used it to make extracts, teas, and supplements.

In traditional medicine, people use hibiscus preparations to treat ailments such as liver problems and high blood pressure. 

One of the most common preparations is hibiscus tea, a deep red herbal tea made from the flowers. It’s enjoyed hot or cold. Also known as sour tea, it has a tart flavour similar to cranberries. Hibiscus contains anthocyanins, which are pigments that give the flowers their vibrant red colour. It also has flavonoids, phenolic acids, and organic acids. Many of these compounds act as antioxidants. These are very effective against protecting your body from oxidative stress, which is thought to contribute to chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, cancers, diabetes and heart disease.

A study in 46 adults with high blood pressure found that drinking 2 cups (474 mL) of hibiscus tea daily for 1 month combined with lifestyle and dietary changes reduced blood pressure significantly more than lifestyle and diet changes alone and may be as effective as pharmaceutical medications for high blood pressure.

Hibiscus is effective against metabolic syndrome – a cluster of risk factors, including high blood sugar, high blood triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol levels and excess body fat which can lead to conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

The colorful anthocyanins in hibiscus have been found to increase liver antioxidant enzymes, protect against oxidative stress, and prevent liver fat accumulation in rats with diabetes and obesity

Test-tube studies suggest hibiscus extract may inhibit enzymes involved in prostate cancer development and trigger the death of breast cancer and melanoma cells 

Medicinal Benefits 

    • Protects the liver and promotes liver health
    • Reduces blood sugar level
    • Effective against metabolic syndrome
    • Effective against cancer cells
    • Antioxidants and Anti inflammatory properties


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Each packet contains 30 tea bags

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