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What is Rooibos Tea?

Rooibos, most commonly known as “red bush” tea is a herb used in teas and a variety of beverages. It’s use dates back several centuries in the southern part of Africa where it has been used for a variety of healing purposes as well as an alternate to black and green tea due to its flavour whilst being caffeine free. Rooibos has served as a perfect alternate to black and green tea due to its low levels of Tannins (which can interfere with mineral absorption in the body, especially iron), low levels of Oxalic acid (which can increase your risk of kidney stones) and caffeine free (excessive caffeine consumption can lead to heart palpitations, increased anxiety, headaches and sleeping problems).

Rooibos is associated with health benefits due to its high levels of health-promoting antioxidants, which include Aspalathin and quercetin. Antioxidants are crucial in protecting your cells from damage due to free radicals.


What are the benefits of Rooibos

    • Free from caffeine and Oxalic acid and low in Tannins
    • Antioxidants
    • Promotes Heart Health
    • Improves Digestion

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100% Herbal


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Each packet contains 30 tea bags

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