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What is Sarsaparilla?

Sarsaparilla is a tropical plant from the genus Smilax. The climbing, woody vine grows deep in the canopy of the rainforest. It’s native to South America, Jamaica, the Caribbean, Mexico, Honduras, and the West Indies. For centuries, indigenous people around the world used the root of the sarsaparilla plant for treating joint problems like arthritis, and for healing skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Sarsaparilla was later introduced into European medicine and eventually registered as an herb in the Unites States Pharmacopoeia to treat syphilis.

Sarsaparilla contains a wealth of plant chemicals that are very beneficial to the body. One of them being saponins. Saponins help to reduce joint pain and skin itching. It also has powerful bacteria killing properties. It also contains chemicals which help reduce inflammation and also protects the liver from damage. One notable treatment Sarsaparilla is used for is Psoriasis. Studies based on the researchers hypothesis claimed the main steroids, called sarasaponin, is able to bind to endotoxins responsible for the lesions in psoriasis patients and remove them completely from the body. Due to its strong antimicrobial activities, it has been used to treat Syphilis and leprosy. This wonderful herb is a must have due to its wide range of healing properties with no known side effects. Sarsaparilla can be made as a herbal tea or even as a cold tea to be drank during the day.


What are the Benefits of Sarsaparilla?

    • Joint pain and skin itching
    • Effective against Psoriasis
    • Effective against Syphilis and Leprosy
    • Protects the liver from damage
    • Effective against rheumatoid arthritis

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